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AW: network installation - wlan/plip

I forgot this usefull link..




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>Auftrag von Karsten Römke
>Gesendet: Samstag, 12. Juni 2004 13:47
>An: debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
>Betreff: network installation - wlan/plip
>I'm starting with debian, better starting again :-) I have an old
>laptop omnibook 5700 with 166MHz/32MB/2.1GB. I want install debian3.0.
>Laptop has no cdrom. I have a wireless lan card belkin F5D6020g
>and as alternative a cable for the parallel port.
>1.) wlan does not work, belkin card is just flashing, and the installer
>    says that the network isn't configured (I tried to configure with
>    static IP and set the essind and frequency in 
>2.) plip does not work, if I try to modprobe the module it says device
>    is busy
>    - I tried it from the slink (debian2.1) rescue disc -> it works!?
>Has anybody tried one of these methods?
>Any hints would be very nice, thanks
>     karsten
>email                                             k.roemke-at gmx.de
>tel                                                       02225 909740
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