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AW: PPPoE / Access Concentrator

I have a Zyair WLAN DSL Access Point Router too (think its B2000 v2, bought from the provider 1&1 in germany).

I had a lot of problems with this box. The first one had defect hardware and the second one made awfull problems until I upgraded the Firmware (can be downloaded at Zyxel site).
Banana product, ripe at the customers home ;-)

Before you waste time in troubleshooting I recommend to upgrade that firmware. In my case it brought up completly new menu points in the management GUI :-O. It was astonishing!!!

It is a 4 port switch and access point in one device. You connect to it like to an ethernet switch port, plugging a stupid ethernet cable (cross over cable may work also) or you can connect to it like to a regular wireless access point (assumed that essid, WEP encr. keys, MAC address filters etc are set up correctly in the wireless case)

PPPoE is not necessary and not possible to use with your notebook since it is a router and communicate with the DSL box on another interface. Also you don't have influence when the device is registering at the providers access servers and set up Internet connection. It is transparent to the notenbook client.

Checking out the following may help to specify the problem:

* Connect to a ethernet port, check the default adress of router (e.g., set yout notebook to and ping and maybe tcpdump to watch if arp packets are going around.

* If this is fine level 2, ethernet layer should be fine. Try than to connect to the Management Gui on port 80 of the box and check the config...

* Additionally you may try if the dhcp service of the router is working: 

#dhcpcd <interface> -some_debug_flags

The logs on the router should show you information. 

* Than you can configure the wireless things and try to register with yout notebook to the WLAN

* In parallel you may try to connect to the DSL router directly and register at the providers network using PPPoE. You can also try this with a windows box, its most easy and you can check if your providers account data is fine and working.

* Set the timeout value on the Router high (15 minutes). I had also timeout problems because the Internet connection was going down after 3 minutes automatically and new access to the Internet caused new RADIUS requests to get connectivity which causes timeouts at the browser and the name service and so on.... :-(

If you like to exchange experience with me, you could contact me offline.

regards and good luck

Erik Hofmann

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>On 16 Jun 2004, thghtcrm@tiscali.de wrote:
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>> So I finally got Woody up and running, but couldn't get Internet
>> access. pppoeconfig could detect my Ethernet card, but it 
>told me that
>> the Access Concentrator of my provider did not respond.
>Well, that may well be the problem. You may need to use some special
>extra settings in the PPPoE packets, or a fixed MAC address or 
>like that.
>Alternately, it could be an issue with your use of the router, rather
>than a PPPoE issue directly.
>> I have a Zyair 2000 DSL Modem/Router, could it be where the problem
>> is? 
>That depends. Is this a "bridge mode" device, or does it handle the
>PPPoE layer internally?
>Most modern DSL modems do all the PPPoE work themselves, and expect you
>to connect to a DHCP server on them before they activate the link.
>Annoying, but workable.
>A quick search shows a bunch of Zyair 2000 wireless router devices, but
>none that claim to feature ADSL support, so I can't comment directly.
>How is this configured under Windows? From that we should be able to
>derive the operating mode correctly.
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