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Re: AW: network installation - wlan/plip

Hi Erik!
The belkin card is broken, so it does not work :-)
I like to follow your hint and buy a card, but I don't know
which one. I haven an old laptop omnibook 5700 166/Mhz 32MB Ram
and I would like to install debian 3.0 - the distribution isn't to
big and I can install the base system via ppp.
I don't like to upgrade, I want use the system as "wireless xterm".
So - can you give me a hint, which card would work?

Erik.Hofmann@infineon.com schrieb:
I have very bad experiences with WLAN cards on old notebooks.

I also tried a belkin WLAN pcmcia card (another one, don't know the name exactly) and had to learn that different chipsets are used, depending on the revision of the card.
Are you shure your cards chipset is supported?
What does lspci say?

Another horrible thing was that I could not get a Cisco Aironet 350 card running on that old labtop (Compaq Armada 7???). The card was running under Knoppix an a new notebook without problems but was not recognised on my old labtop. Somewhere I read about timing errors at the pci - pcmcia bridge or its controller that may lead to such a strange behavior. Finally I dumped all that bullshit, looked at www.prism54.org or Jean Tourrilhes WLAN page to find out which card is experienced to work well and bought a new one (which is hard because cards seem to vanished from the marketplace faster then drivers for them become available ;).
The new netgear wg511 (prism54 driver) worked with 2.4.25 in 70% of all cases depending on the presence of 3com LAN pcmcia card in the other slot.

An upgrade to 2.6.4 finally helped to get it running more stable.

So I strongly recommend not to waste too much time to get a suspect card running. Take one which is working immediately and dump the other ones.

PS: Same experience with WLAN PCI cards....



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Betreff: network installation - wlan/plip

I'm starting with debian, better starting again :-) I have an old
laptop omnibook 5700 with 166MHz/32MB/2.1GB. I want install debian3.0.
Laptop has no cdrom. I have a wireless lan card belkin F5D6020g
and as alternative a cable for the parallel port.
1.) wlan does not work, belkin card is just flashing, and the installer
  says that the network isn't configured (I tried to configure with
static IP and set the essind and frequency in /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opt
2.) plip does not work, if I try to modprobe the module it says device
  is busy
  - I tried it from the slink (debian2.1) rescue disc -> it works!?

Has anybody tried one of these methods?
Any hints would be very nice, thanks
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