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Re: Fan noise regulation in Asus L2430D

Nicolò Wojewoda wrote:
I googled for my problem again and I found out ( here: http://julien.lerouge.free.fr/md9675.html ) that "Fan starts at 70 °C, and speeds up at 90 °C".

And it's seems impossible that after starting the OS the fan reaches 70 °C, and after 2 minutes it reaches 90 °C.. so there must be a way to regulate it.

Unless you have a Dell (i8kutils) or a Toshiba, so far as I have been able to ascertain, you are out of luck.

I suppose it would have to do with drivers/acpi/fan.c or drivers/acpi/thermal.c in the kernel source tree.

I'm not quite sure what the "fan" module in the ACPI section of the kernel config is supposed to do; I get nothing in /proc/acpi/fan/, and the source is undocumented.

You could try searching the LKML?

But then you very well could fry your laptop; I've heard worse.


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