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Re: KLaptop finishes session with "Battery is running out!" when unplugged

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Am Donnerstag 03 Juni 2004 16:03 schrieb Sebastian Bleikamp:
> Jens Nachtigall wrote:
> > Yep. That happens to me as well. Do you know where in the configuration
> > window of KLaptop I can switch the "automatic shutdown" off, I could not
> > find it?
> In the german version:
> -> Menu: Configure Laptop
> -> Warnung bei nachlassendem Akku (Warning on low battery)
> -> Wechsel des Systemzustandes (Change of system state ?):
> -> Abmelden, System ausschalten, Keine (Log off, shut down, none)
> Same for "Kritischer Akkustand" ("critical battery state" ?).

It was set to "none" action in both tabs. However, the session was still 
closed. But changed this, was enabling all of the "ACPI Config" options once 
(pressing "OK") and then it still should the message: Battery is running out!
But the session was not finished any more :)

Afterwards I could disable the ACPI options again, and it was still working. 

Altogether, It seems to be caused  by miscalculating the remaining time.

> >>I mailed the author if it would be possible to enter a time and/or a
> >>percantage for warnings in later versions, but he only responded: "No."
> >
> > At least an answer ;)
> Well, perhaps mass mails could make him change his mind...

Better add your comments to this bug report and vote for it:

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# and how you can help to fix it
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  shutdown -h soon
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