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Re: KLaptop finishes session with "Battery is running out!" when unplugged

Jens Nachtigall wrote:
Yep. That happens to me as well. Do you know where in the configuration window of KLaptop I can switch the "automatic shutdown" off, I could not find it?

In the german version:
-> Menu: Configure Laptop
-> Warnung bei nachlassendem Akku (Warning on low battery)
-> Wechsel des Systemzustandes (Change of system state ?):
-> Abmelden, System ausschalten, Keine (Log off, shut down, none)

Same for "Kritischer Akkustand" ("critical battery state" ?).

I mailed the author if it would be possible to enter a time and/or a
percantage for warnings in later versions, but he only responded: "No."
At least an answer ;)

Well, perhaps mass mails could make him change his mind...


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