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Re: 3c575cb/3c59x load on boot

* Joerg Thoennes <Joerg.Thoennes@macd.com> [2004 Feb 03 06:10 -0600]:
> Nate Bargmann wrote:
> >I have not had luck with the kernel PCMCIA and its yenta socket.  Since
> >I build custom kernels I install the pcmcia-source and use those
> >modules which have been flawless for me.  Unfortunately, it appears
> >that the pcmcia-cs modules are not built as official packages for the 
> >later kernels.  I am running Thinkpads and they use the i8* chip.
> We have Thinkpad 600X and Xircom Cards: Kernel 2.6 and yenta_socket 
> works fine for us.  We put yenta_socket into /etc/modules, but use the 
> hotplug system instead of the pcmcia-cs.

Just yesterday I was helping a friend set up his TP 380Z and guess
what, it uses yenta_socket.  Go figure!  My 390E uses i82365 and
yenta_socket doesn't work, or at least didn't when I tried it last. 
So, I'll stop being an authority.  <G>

- Nate >>

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