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Re: questions on ACPI

On Friday 23 January 2004 01:55, Russell Coker wrote:
> > How do you then explain that without APM or ACPI, the fans do not start
> > up leaving the system frozen after even small amounts of CPU load?
> Your laptop is broken and will never work with DOS, memtest86, etc.

Good point. I never actually tried running the kernel without either APM or 
ACPI. It was always wither either the one or the other. It is possible that 
using APM, the BIOS was really just controlling the fans independently from 
the OS. Whenever I replaced APM with ACPI the OS would be unusable after a 
few minuttes because the fans would not start up, but of course this could 
just as easily have ACPI that was broken.

Without any power management, the system wouldn't shut down using the poweroff 
command, so you have to manually shut it off. This is such a big annoyance 
that I never tried it without APM.

So that's no reason not to buy an ASUS A1300. However if you really want a 
reason not to buy it, I would say the weak power plug on the back of the 
laptop. It has a tendency to wear so that it goes loose from the board. With 
the loose connection the laptop won't charge the battery, and when the 
battery runs dry..

This is a 150 euro repair job I could live without (it's the second time it 
has gone loose). Right now as a temporary fix I have placed a piece of folded 
up kitchen towel between the AC adaptor plug and the network plug. This 
squeezes the power plug so it just makes the connection, as long as I don't 
move the laptop around.


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