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Re: questions on ACPI

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004 05:21, Anders Ellenshøj Andersen <andersa@fys.ku.dk> 
> > APM does not permit the OS to control fans etc.  It is totally different
> > to ACPI.  The fact that your fan works is a matter of hardware and BIOS,
> > if it didn't work then it would not be any fault of Linux's APM.
> How do you then explain that without APM or ACPI, the fans do not start up
> leaving the system frozen after even small amounts of CPU load?

Your laptop is broken and will never work with DOS, memtest86, etc.

The BIOS must control the fans when the OS doesn't, otherwise it will be 
incapable of running non-ACPI OSs.

What model of laptop do you have?  It's something that the rest of us should 
try to avoid.  You don't want to purchase a machine that can't run 

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