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Re: USB Adapter not for Cardbus but 16bit PCMCIA

Marcel Meckel wrote:

You don't understand me :)

32bit Cardbus is downwards compatible, sure. You can insert a 16bit
PCMCIA card into 32bit Cardbus slot.
But: You can *not* insert a 32bit Cardbus Card into a 16bit PCMCIA
slot. And my laptop has such an ancient :) 16bit PCMCIA interface,
not a 32bit Cardbus one.

Never heard of one and I'm a hardware tech. for over 4 years. Please tell us what make and model of laptop you have and what card you are trying to use. You may be able to find a used 16-bit card on ebay to do what you want. If not, that's one of the drawbacks of using an old laptop. Me, I have to deal w/ no sound on an old 233, because the chip won't activate, but everything else works. Some old laptops have no USB (sounds like this may be your problem). You may have to deal with this in another way, such as mounting the drive or device you want on another box and use it remotely. Be creative

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