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questions on ACPI

Dear All,

I've just compiled 2.6.1 and switched onto ACPI from APM. 'acpid' is
working properly, events get recognized well. I noticed, however, that
while using APM, I was able to "suspend" my laptop by pressing "suspend"
button. It was working well, but it seems that in ACPI this is not
implemented (I presume I need to implement it by myself). Now, I was
trying to get swsusp working (swsusp2 as it's now called in kernel
tree), but I can't make it even suspend, not to mention restore the

So, if anyone on the list has some good advice regarding setting up ACPI
on the laptop to actually do some work, could he/she share it? 

My laptop is Compaq Armada M700.

PS: is it possible to find 'cpufreqd' equivalent for Pentium II?



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