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Re: USB Adapter not for Cardbus but 16bit PCMCIA

> Incoming from Marcel Meckel:

> > So i ask you - did someone of you ever heard about an USB Adapter
> > which can be used with 16bit PCMCIA interface?

> I'm speaking from ignorance here, but are you sure it's not backward
> compatible?  Ie., maybe Cardbus slots can accept/handle 16 bit
> pcmcia/pccard?  Have you tried it?

You don't understand me :)

32bit Cardbus is downwards compatible, sure. You can insert a 16bit
PCMCIA card into 21bit Cardbus slot.
But: You can *not* insert a 32bit Cardbus Card into a 16bit PCMCIA
slot. And my laptop has such an ancient :) 16bit PCMCIA interface,
not a 32bit Cardbus one.


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