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Re: Just some questions

On 22.01.2004 18:11 Hermann Moser wrote:
On Wednesday, 21. January 2004 23:48, M. Mueller wrote:
Try Knoppix first - runs off CD.  Then google on how to load Knoppix
to your hard disk.

On my new laptop, Asus M6800N, Knoppix V 3.3 always freezes if I'm
working with the ac-adaptor, without mostly not. Now it runs with SuSE
9.0, but this is not my favourite. Next week I will try a Sarge netinstall, Debian is my favourite, nothing else.

Hi Hermann,

I had the same problem here with my still brandly new Acer Travelmate 803LMiB -- Knoppix 3.3 just freezes by starting X. We worked out, that we were able to do the same thing with Gnoppix. By the way -- if you want to make a hard drive installation of such a live CD, I would recommend Gnoppix, as it is a clean stable Debian (with backports, for sure). I used it for the installation on this laptop and upgraded from stable to unstable to get the bleeding edge ;-)


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