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Debian vs... ? (was RE: powerbook and debian)

Hi everybody,

This might be off-topic, but Yves started it :)

We're evaluating a professional platform that can run enterprise
applications. We need reliability, good threading, responsiveness,
stability, performance, but also easy management (if there's such a thing)
and good support.

Sadly, the rest of the team is completely going the RedHat way, because...
it's supported. They have a yearly maintenance fee to help you out to do
stuff. What this stuff is, I don't know, probably things that you don't know
if you're not a linux/RedHat export.

I am _definitely_ a debian fan and my gut feeling tells me it's better than
RH for sure. I really don't like the way RH charges you, the way it
installs, the way it's maintained... You get the idea.

So could anybody give serious reasons as to why RH is bad, Debian is better
? I've looked on Google but I didn't find a real serious report.

Thanks a lot !


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On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 12:10:45PM +1100, Raymond Wan wrote:
> 	I have no experience with Mac OS, either, but I heard that the OS
> is based on Unix, so I don't see a reason for installing Debian over it.

Surely, the same reasons as installing Debian over any


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