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Re: Debian vs... ? (was RE: powerbook and debian)

Remember that distros can be merged.

Using Red Hat or Mandrake, I installed using tarball.  Using Debian, I used 'alien' to get RPMs into .deb format, and I still use tarballs.

I believe Alan Cox once used the term "Slackhat" as an example of such hybrids.

My point is: you can pick distro X because you like how it installs, and then still use distro Y's upgrade strategies.

Personally, I'd still say the best support site for Linux is www.tldp.org, the Linux Documentation Project.

> Hi everybody,
> This might be off-topic, but Yves started it :)
> We're evaluating a professional platform that can run enterprise
> applications. We need reliability, good threading, responsiveness,
> stability, performance, but also easy management (if there's such a thing)
> and good support.
> Sadly, the rest of the team is completely going the RedHat way, because...
> it's supported. They have a yearly maintenance fee to help you out to do
> stuff. What this stuff is, I don't know, probably things that you don't know
> if you're not a linux/RedHat export.
> I am _definitely_ a debian fan and my gut feeling tells me it's better than
> RH for sure. I really don't like the way RH charges you, the way it
> installs, the way it's maintained... You get the idea.
> So could anybody give serious reasons as to why RH is bad, Debian is better
> ? I've looked on Google but I didn't find a real serious report.
> Thanks a lot !
> --Stéphane
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> On Thu, Jan 22, 2004 at 12:10:45PM +1100, Raymond Wan wrote:
> > 	I have no experience with Mac OS, either, but I heard that the OS
> > is based on Unix, so I don't see a reason for installing Debian over it.
> Surely, the same reasons as installing Debian over any
> RedHat...
> Y.
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