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Re: caps-lock => numbers aren't printed !!

Nicolas ROMAN wrote:

le Fri, 09 Jan 2004 05:59:42 +0100 Alain D'EURVEILHER
<deurveia@esiee.fr> écrivait :


I don't know if this is specific to the Satellite Pro 4300
series, and if it can be solved :

When I lock the Caps on my laptop, pressing a key representing a
number doesn't return the number in question. But other
character.. I have an 'azerty' keyboard on it. And also, I
configured the keyboard by "pc105" (even with pc102, it doesn't

If you need to know more, please ask..

It is the normal behaviour of CapsLock key under GNU/Linux, no ?
This way you can get É, È,À and Ç without juggling with 18 keys...


If it is, I didn't know that.. I was expecting to have the numbers printed as it was under winXXX ! I didn't know it was due to the OS itself... But if it really is, ok, it seems like I don't have no choice but to accept it !
 (unless I could modify this..??!!)
Ok, thanks for your anwser.



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