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Re: Network config gui

Thanks for everything, I just found what I am looking for and works


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 11:40, linux.eqed wrote:
> Hello all..  I am a debian newbie.. So far I really enjoy it.. However,
> on my old redhat/ximian installation I was able to switch networks very
> easily using the network configuration gui to deactivate one network
> card setting and activate the same card using another setting by using
> some alias eth0:0 etc.
> My goal is to not have to remember all the settings and have to type
> then all in everytime I switch networks. How do I manage switching
> networks the best?
> ps. I tried whereami, laptop-netconf, switchconf.  these only hosed
> other things like DNS settings.  Thanks, for any help. 

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