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Re: IBM 760XL video

* Brian Ronk <bronk@bookmasters.com> [2004 Jan 05 17:49 -0600]:
> Go figure.  I just look through the package list, and behold.  There is 
> xserver 3, plus the svga xserver.  I installed them, and it works fine. 
>  I have a nice 8 bit color Gnome screen right now.  Now that I have it 
> working, I need to refine it quite a bit.  Thanks for all the help again.

Sounds good, Brian.

You may not be able to go beyond 8 bit color with that model.  I tried a
760EL at one time and all I had ever gotten to work was 8 bit color.
When I did try 16 bit color, it wound up with a nasty gray hash along
the bottom 3 cm or so of the screen.  I did try X 4.x on it once and had
about the same results as you.  So, those video chips are probably very
closely related.

It's likely that the hardware in question is now so old and good used 
laptops like my TP-390E can be found at quite reasonable prices and work
with little additional tinkering as far as XFree is concerned.


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