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Re: newbie question


* Nano Nano <40101.nospam@comcast.net> [2004-01-04 01:37]:
>GTK apps apparently have an additional copy/paste mechanism besides the 
>standard X one: I can highly text in gnome-terminal and hit Ctrl+Shift+C 
>and it copies it.  You can also do the X style thing.
>Sometimes the two buffers can be different: Mozilla apparently supports 
>both.  When I copy text in Mozilla it's unpredictable whether or not it 
>will paste okay in another app.

The two mechanisms are different, but there is only one buffer, and
that one is optional. One is the PRIMARAY as described above, the
other one is the actual clipboard. (There is also a third mechnism
that is obsolete and shouldn't be used anymore.)

Watch NEdit to see how these two interact and how SECONDARY selections
are used to complement them. Read the Inter-Client Communication
Conventions Manual for a technical description.

Now at least KDE/Qt and Mozilla, probably Gnome/GTK too, try to
accomodate Windows users as much as possible and destroy these long
established mechanism. Watch multiple selections of the same type on
your desktop; this should not be possible.

Thus, using inter-client communication has become something of a
guessing game because everyone plays his own play.

It is up to us.
    - Carl Sagan

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