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Re: newbie question

Am 2004-01-03 15:14:42, schrieb Tendril:
>Hi, I am a complete noob at linux and need some assistance.

Welcome to Linuxcountry...

>error while initialising sound driver:
>device /dev/dsp can't be opened (permission denied)
>the sound server will continue, using the null output lines
>How do I correct this? (my installation won't let me log into an
>xwindows environment as root, I have to do it through a terminal so some
>easy instructions would be very welcome)

login as root and do:

adduser <yourname> audio

logout and try to use the audiodevices...
If it does not work immediately, reboot :-/

>also how do I browse to my cd rom? It doesn't appear in konquerer and I
>don't remember seing it mounted at boot.

Normaly you have a directory /cdrom
to mount teh cdrom type:

mount /cdrom

if it does not work, add following line to /etc/fstab

/dev/hdc    /cdrom	auto	noauto,user,ro	0	0
     or whereever your cdrom is

>Could someone point me to some easy to understand docs about the file
>system, maybe with a graphical representation, as it seems so different
>to billyware. I am trying to find java so I can get my browsers to run
>applets (I use mozilla and konq).

You need to download the Java-Runtime-debs from Blackdown...


and then you must change the second entry in the two files 


to point to:

	and change it to 'mozilla' if you use it

>Finally (for now) is there a reason why I can't copy/paste between
>applications? (ie. between advanced editor and mozilla news composer?)

You can copy under X while go to the copy mark, press the left 
mousebutton selecting the text and release the button. No it is 
in the copy-past-buffer even sometimes it does not stay selected. 

Now go into the other Application and press the middle-button on 
your mouse at the past-mark. If you have only a two Button-Mouse, 
you must press the LEFT-AND-RIGHT button at the same time to past 
the contents of tht copy-past-buffer. 

>Many thanks for your help and I hope I don't fill up your newsgroup with
>too many lame questions.

This is not a news-group !!!
You are sending to a Mailinglist ;-)


Greetings from Strasbourg 

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