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Re: Cannot start X server

S. Keeling wrote:

> I meant "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" (find out which xserver-blah
> package you have installed ("dpkg -l | grep xserver-")).

OK, I ran this. There is a "SiS" driver category there. I selected it
and restarted but the result was the same. In the error message that is
generated, supported SiS video devices are listed, and M650 is not one
of them, so quite likely this could be the problem.

> You may have to find out which xserver package has support for
> SiS M650.  It may be in the generic one; I don't know.  The
> xfree86.org site lists the servers and the chips supported by each.
>    <http://www.google.com/search?q=SiS+M650&domains=xfree86.org&sitesearch=xfree86.org&btnG=Google+Search>

I really don't know how to read this information, but it seems that
perhaps M650 is included in a newer version of Xfree86 (?).

> That appears to say that there's an "sis" driver out there.  It
> doesn't show up in Woody when I do "apt-cache search xserver-".  You
> may have to get a newer version of X (unstable, testing, ...) for it
> to work.
> If nothing else, you should be able to "dpkg -r xserver-blah", then
> "apt-get install xserver-otherblah".  Or maybe "apt-get install
> --reinstall xserver-blah".  That will force reconfiguration of X, and
> you won't have to re-install the whole system to do it.

With the laptop on which I am attempting this installation, I have also
not been able to establish an internet connection--but I figured that
I'd deal with that after get X working. 

I think I'll take your advice and start again by downloading some
"testing" or "unstable" ISO's. I guess I should probably also go and get
myself a Debian book so that I can understand what these commands mean
when people try to offer help.

Thanks for taking the time to offer some help. After I get the newer
ISO's and try again, I'll be back again to report--either success or


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