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Re: Cannot start X server

Incoming from Charles Muller:
> I'm a Debian newbie, trying to install Debian on my laptop, a Clevo D400
> (on which Mandrake 9 and RH 9 ran OK). On the first boot after installation,
> I am getting hung just before starting the X server:
>   "I cannot start your X server...it is likely that it is not set up
>   correctly..."
> I installed from CDs burnt from the ISOs for 30r. The rest of the
> installation (Vanilla) seemed to go OK. In the error report, the line
> listed as "error" (EE) plus the line above are:
>    (--) Assigning device section with no busID to primary device
>    (EE) No devices detected.
>    Fatal server error: no screens found
> I am asked to run the configuration program, and I say yes, but with no
> apparent effect.

Uhh, what?  You say yes, and it blinks and goes back to where it was?
Or, you say yes, it goes through the X Window configuration, and that
has no effect?

>From a root login, try "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xservername", where
"xservername" is your video system specific X server (svga?  nvidia?

If none of that helps, tell us what you've got.  I've no idea what a
"Clevo D400" is.

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