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Re: Cannot start X server

S. Keeling wrote:

> Incoming from Charles Muller:
> > 
> > I'm a Debian newbie, trying to install Debian on my laptop, a Clevo D400
> > (on which Mandrake 9 and RH 9 ran OK). On the first boot after installation,
> > I am getting hung just before starting the X server:
> Uhh, what?  You say yes, and it blinks and goes back to where it was?
> Or, you say yes, it goes through the X Window configuration, and that
> has no effect?

Sorry for not being more precise. It blinks and goes back to where it
was, without going through the configuration.

> >From a root login, try "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xservername", where
> "xservername" is your video system specific X server (svga?  nvidia?

Doing this, I get:
   Package 'xserver-xservername' is not installed and no information is
   /usr/bin/dpkg-reconfigure: xserver-xservername is not fully installed

After this I tried going through the installation process twice more,
and can't see what step I might be missing. I still end up in this
situation. Perhaps I should try installing another desktop manager
instead of GDM?

> If none of that helps, tell us what you've got.  I've no idea what a
> "Clevo D400" is.

Understandable. It is a kind of no-name brand made in Taiwan that I
bought here in Tokyo because it was the only laptop I could find without
a pre-installed OS. The video adapter is listed as an SiS M650.

Thanks for helping.


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