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Re: Asus L3355M

I got my winmodem (Intel 537) working at the price of tainting
my kernel, by compiling and installing pctel-0.9.6.


- configure --with-hal=sis

- the objects included in the source package are compiled
  with gcc-2.x, and won't load in the kernel if it is compiled
  with gcc-3.x. So recompile your kernel with gcc-2.x before
  attempting to insert these modules.


Nicola Larosa wrote:
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I would like to buy Asus L3355M. Have it get
components compatible with debian?

Ciao, Antonio. :^)

That's the model I'm using now, with a mixed sarge/sid Debian installed. I
did not yet test all components, but am fairly satisfied at this point.

Had to make a number of attempts before succeeding with the install. First I
tried a netinst from a sarge CD, but for some reason it had problems reaching
mirrors. Then I tried with a Woody CD, but it could not recognize most of the
hardware, because it is newer than Woody.

At last I used a Knoppix 3.2 CD from March, which worked well, and used it as
a starting point. You have to change the mirrors in /etc/apt/sources.list ,
of course.

There are a couple of caveats, though.

You really need ACPI to slow down the CPU, otherwise its fan will annoy you,
and to get ACPI in the end I installed the 2.6.0-test9 kernel, because it did
not work with the 2.4.22 one.

In order to install a kernel-image package, you *have* to uninstall the
"ash-knoppix" package, and install the "ash" and "dash" ones. That's with the
3.2 Knoppix, I don't know whether they solved the problem in more recent ones.

I also installed, and custom configured, the cpufreqd daemon. Now the CPU
sits at 36°C when on battery, and at 46°C when on mains, while still kicking
at top speed when it's needed. :^)

Still exploring, but overall it seems a good base for Debian to run, maybe
will even get the winmodem working ;^) . Check the Linux Laptop site for
other people experiences running Linux on the L3400D and L3500D series, don't
know how much they are applicable to this one, since it belongs to the L3000D

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