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How do I stop XDM/GDM starting ?

Hi all,

Finally got Debian woody running on my DELL Inspirion 8500, sort of :-)
I installed kernel 2.4.8 and it now boots without an Aieee error.
X works using the NVidia driver but I can't get a BIG resolution running,
such as 1900 x 1200. I know this resolution can be achieved as I have seen
a few web pages of people running RedHat and getting it to work.

Anyway, how do I stop X starting automatically when Debian starts ?

GDm or XDM starts automagically when I start the laptop so it starts X.
I can't log in as root via the graphical log in screen (security I
suppose) only as a user. I can 'su' once logged in but the xserver refuses
to restart or change resolutions. Ctrl + Alt + Backspace doesn't  seem to
have any effect. Perhaps I am missing something ?


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