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Re: Acer TRavelMate 801


Monday, September 22, 2003, 09:53,
Markus Wolfer <news@markus-wolfer.de> wrote:

> Does anyone have experiences with the Acer TRavelMate 801 and debian? I want
> to buy a new laptop and I think the 801 is a good choice, but haven't heard
> about any experienece with this model.

The TM 801 is just like TM 800 or TM 803, and there are quite a lot of
reports about the latter ones (i.e. @ tuxmobile.org). I own a TM 800
myself and more or less got it running with debian now. However, be
prepared that you'll have to use a lot of patches and cutting-edge
software so that you can use features like advanced speedstep and acpi.
Still, there are quite a few issues - I have yet to solve console blanking
(radeontool did help, but it's sort of a hack), then again I am currently
unable to switch to suspend/standby (kernel crashes).

Don't get me wrong, the TM 801 is definitely a good choice as far as I can
tell, but you better be prepared that it's a long way to go...

PS: looks like you're German, so you might want to check out this site, it
contains a lot of useful information:

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