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Re: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

On Sunday 21 September 2003 19:51, Joel HATSCH wrote:

> At least for me, I am using some anti-virus and anti-spam utilities on
> my local server, but the issue is that you first have to download the
> 150kB to find out it's a virus. and I also noticed the last day 20-30 of
> such emails, leading to some Mb to download for nothing... except the
> money for the online time (have no flatrate).
> So it's really an issue (at least for me) as this costs me money !

those Microsoft Outlook (Express)/Internet Explorer users who give a sh** 
about security || privacy really sucks. Specially Microsoft extremely sucks, 
because they make such worms etc. possible. So I updated my mailfilter 
(the regular expression catches nearly every 150 KB Message - but 
false-positives are always possible)

Mailfilter deletes the messages at the pop3 server wihout downloading.

Currently I get 60 Messages / hour. Thank you Microsoft. Fortunetly I don't 
have to pay the traffic, but unfortunetly I have a mailbox quota and have to 
pay for the internet connection.

Georg Sauthoff

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