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Re: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

> There are two solutions, one is to not use public email on the
> Internet much and to often change your email address.  The other is to
> get your email hosted on a server with good virus scanning and
> pro-active administrators who add custom checks as necessary when
> there are problems.
> I have virus scanning on my mail, and viruses aren't a big deal for
> me, actually the viruses themselves don't really bother me at all. 
> Anti-virus "warning" messages etc are the real problem.

At least for me, I am using some anti-virus and anti-spam utilities on
my local server, but the issue is that you first have to download the
150kB to find out it's a virus. and I also noticed the last day 20-30 of
such emails, leading to some Mb to download for nothing... except the
money for the online time (have no flatrate).
So it's really an issue (at least for me) as this costs me money !


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