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Re: having trouble getting started

Slaven Peles explained:

This is weired. After install did you do dpkg -l? If so, what X packages did you have installed? Also, when you did a 5th install, did you "initialize" partition where you installed debian first?

know. I didn't know to. Yes, did initialize the partition using reiserfs. I'm quite well acquainted with the performance characteristics of ext2/3 and I wanted to try a btree file system.

also I am never, ever at any point given the option to install X11. From what I can tell, it only installs client side data files.

Did you by any chance install a new kernel (e.g. 2.4.18-1-686) and not corresponding pcmcia modules?

I did not intentionally installing new kernel if there was one installed. I let the system do what it was going to do and I just sat back for the ride.

You ought to give more detailes as to what were your installation steps. This way it is hard to guess what went wrong.

OK, I will try to record all of the steps but! Other than reiserfs filesystem and md5 passwords, I chose what the install process used as the default! I cannot emphasize enough how vanilla a system I'm trying to install as I learn about debian.

I think I'm going to change to one of the netinst many images. I'm beginning to think that jigdo built CD-ROM images aren't quite ready for prime time.


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