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Re: [OT] Virusses (many!) via list?

Am 2003-09-21 19:51:33, schrieb Joel HATSCH:

>At least for me, I am using some anti-virus and anti-spam utilities on
>my local server, but the issue is that you first have to download the
>150kB to find out it's a virus. and I also noticed the last day 20-30 of

After examing my Maildirs, I can set 'mailfilter' to /dev/null all 
messages over 30 kBytes. Do that too !!!

>such emails, leading to some Mb to download for nothing... except the
>money for the online time (have no flatrate).
>So it's really an issue (at least for me) as this costs me money !

me too !!!



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