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Re: best laptops for debian linux

Hi Jon,

I am using an Acer Travelmate 803 Lci, and installation (via a Knoppix CD)
was easy. BUT: a few things didn't work correctly and needed a bit more
fiddling: acpi, touchpad special functions (needed synaptic driver),
network card (needed newer kernel 2.4.21), wifi (still not working), modem
(work in progress, driver found, installation problems persisting), and
maybe a few others.

the system was running from the beginning on, just a few items were
missing. i don't know, if you could live with that.

so, for fuzz-free setup, choose a different laptop. for good battery life,
good performance, good display, good interfaces, etc., a tm 803 is a (did
i use this word already?) good choice.

regards, stefan

On Fri, 12 Sep 2003, Jon wrote:

> I'm looking to buy a laptop that can easily be set up to run debian
> linux.  I do not need a high end graphics card, nor is there a real
> need for a big screen.   Being light weight is not a primary factor,
> whereas rugged reliability would be.  Can anyone suggest particular
> brands and models that fit this description?  Top priority is that
> debian linux can be easily installed on the machine, while the other
> requirements are less important.
> Many thanks.

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