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Re: partition magic

According to Osamu Aoki,
> On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 07:00:45PM -0400, Lou Losee wrote:
> > > 
> > While I agree with your disdain for the PM license, the problem is that
> > PM is one of the few tools that *will* move those files that you were
> > not able to move causing you to nuke your partition.  Nuking is not
> > always a viable option and until someone comes up with a methodology or
> > program to handle these files PM will continue to sell even with the
> > nasty license.
> Why not get Mandrake ISO image first instead of partition magic.
> They have fancy partitioning tool as a part of installer. (Thier web
> site say NTFS resizing on their 9.1 version.)

Potato or slink's dos utils (on the ftp server but not officially
part of the distrib) include a partition-shrinking tool that 
works fine with vfat (I used it on several different machines 
to convert them from W95 to Debian).  I don't recall the
program's name, but poke around where you found loadlin.exe.  
This is a W95 era machine, is it not?  So no ntfs, right?

A mandrake ISO is useless if you can't boot off CD.

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