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Re: partition magic

"Michael K O'Brien" <mobrien@pixar.com> writes:

> I'd like to change the partition size on my laptop. It has one drive
> with partitions for linux and one for windows 2000 (ntfs). I've had
> success in the past with Partition Magic, but that was with one
> drive with two MS partitions (ntfs and fat).
> I just wanted to hear about any success or horror stories using
> Partition Magic (or something else) to repartion a drive with ext2
> and ntfs on it.

Have you looked into the Linux tools, notably ntfsresize (in the
ntfstools package) and parted?  In principle these should be able to
do what you want; the various rescue CD images (a bunch have come up
in the past week or two here) generally have these programs on them as

When I got this laptop, I had trouble resizing the (Windows XP) NTFS
partition because there were files that couldn't be moved towards the
end of the partition.  Since it was brand new, I actually dealt by
nuking the existing partition scheme and running the install tool
again on the partitioned machine.  This won't work so well if you
actually have data to save, though.

Partition Magic is an evil, evil program.  It's somewhat expensive for
home-user software that you'll probably want to use exactly once.  And
the last time I looked at its license, you were allowed to only use it
on one machine, anywhere, ever, without paying again.  I think the
usual arguments for free software apply even more here than for stuff
that you're going to use every day (or is a principal source of

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