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Re: partition magic

* David Z Maze <dmaze@debian.org> [2003-09-13 18:20]:
> "Michael K O'Brien" <mobrien@pixar.com> writes:
> When I got this laptop, I had trouble resizing the (Windows XP) NTFS
> partition because there were files that couldn't be moved towards the
> end of the partition.  Since it was brand new, I actually dealt by
> nuking the existing partition scheme and running the install tool
> again on the partitioned machine.  This won't work so well if you
> actually have data to save, though.
> <flame>
> Partition Magic is an evil, evil program.  It's somewhat expensive for
> home-user software that you'll probably want to use exactly once.  And
> the last time I looked at its license, you were allowed to only use it
> on one machine, anywhere, ever, without paying again.  I think the
> usual arguments for free software apply even more here than for stuff
> that you're going to use every day (or is a principal source of
> distraction).
> </flame>
While I agree with your disdain for the PM license, the problem is that
PM is one of the few tools that *will* move those files that you were
not able to move causing you to nuke your partition.  Nuking is not
always a viable option and until someone comes up with a methodology or
program to handle these files PM will continue to sell even with the
nasty license.


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