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Problem installing Debian on a Gateway m500 notebook

Hi all,
I am trying to install Debian on a Gateway m500
notebook. Installation of the main modules and kernel
goes very smoothly. I didn't select anything extra to
the basic operating system with 'tasksel'.
After the installation finished and I rebooted the
system, a lot of numbers scrolled on the screen and
after a while I received something like this:

code: 89 01 8b 0a 85 c9 ...
Aiee, killing interrupt handler
unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference at
virtual address 00000010
Current --> tss.cr3 = 00101000, %cr3 = 00101000
*pde = 00000000
$s = c01fad27
CPU = 0

This is my second attempt, and each time the result
was the same.

Please give me some help to install Debian on this

Thanks in advance,


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