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Re: mobile phone & linux

> Does anybody know of a GPRS modem in a Compact Flash form factor?
> I'd like to get it working on linux, both in my portable, and in a
> Linux based PDA. 

I would like to know that for the TuxMobil PCMCIA/CF card
database http://tuxmobil.org/pcmcia_linux.html , too. But
actually I doubt that GPRS CF cards will become available.
Because the are probably to small to take the chipset as well
as the SIM card. If this will be solved the prices would
be tremendous, the GPRS PCMCIA cards cost very much already.
A cheaper solution will be to use a GPRS enabled cell phone
together with a IrDA or BlueTooth or serial cable connection
to the PDA or laptop. See Infrared-HOWTO and BlueTooth-HOWTO
for details.


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