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Re: mobile phone & linux

Hi Sebastian,

Sebastian Henschel wrote:
> * Rene Engelhard <rene@debian.org> [2003-07-23 08:59 +0200]:
> > I got the Siemens C55 and the S55 to choose from (there were
> > more, but I did like those both most).
> > 
> > As I wanted to be able to use my mobile phone to go with GPRS
> > on the net if that should be possible I wanted to ask whether
> > someone on this list has experiences with this models and whether
> > they work under Linux and if there are tips/hints you have to
> > know when configuring to use them.
> i use a ME45 with GSM without problems. i know that O2 germany have a
> webpage somewhere on their site where they describe how to use their
> GPRS connection with a non-windows system.

You don't happen to find it again and give me the URL?
I didn't find it on their page.. :/

> also the package scmxx could be of some value to you.

thanks. will look.


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