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debian on armada m300


My Compaq Armada m300 notebook (with docking station) is currently
running Mandrake 8.1 and W2K.  I'd like to install woody in a free 2GB
partition and, eventually, wipe both other OSs from the system if the
installation is successful.

I googled through the mailing list and the m300 is often mentioned as
a solid machine for running Debian.  However, as this is my first time
with Debian so I'd like to look first before I leap!

In particular:

* Which 2.4.* kernel runs well?

* Does the installer correctly recognise the ethernet card?

* ... graphics chipset?

* ... sound card?

* Do the ltmodem packages work well with the machine's winmodem?

* Does apm suspend work (memory left powered)?

* What about hibernation (memory saved to disc and then left


* Does hot-swapping or cold-swapping of the docking station work?

Any advice or reports of success would be gratefully received.

Many thanks,

James Leifer, INRIA Rocquencourt

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