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Re: asus l3800c (l3c) state of the art

On Friday 27 June 2003 16:50, Joris wrote:
> > Anyone with similar experience? Or preferably better setup?
> I went through everything you descibed :-)
> what solved most problems for me was to download a vanilla kernel from
> any kernel.org mirror and applying the acpi patch[2] to it. because
> debian patches the acpi part of the kernel a little different, I haven't
> been able to get full acpi support with the debian kernel-source package
> (the patch fails)

You mean that suspend to disk works? Did you have to patch X?

This weekend I tried to get the modem working. And it almost did. With the 
conflicting (because of the IRQ) sound driver modules removed it dialed out 
once, but then failed everytime until I reloaded the pctel modules. It might 
be another IRQ conflict, since the module reports two pci devices it shares 
the irq with: one is the sound card and the other is: 02:07.1 CardBus bridge: 
Ricoh Co Ltd RL5c476 II (rev a8).

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