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Trident Cyberblade i7

Hi group,

I have a laptop with a trident cyberblade i7/DSTN and a TFT panel
@800x600. I have a strange problem...

Unless I specify NoAccel or ShadowFB or something like that (effectively
shutting down hardware acceleration) my TFT panel flickers when parts of
the screen are scrolled (I think). It doesn't happen always, it just
happens now and then, but using mozilla is very painful on some pages.
Scrolling will result in a black screen for tens of seconds, almost
immediately followed by another black screen, very annoying. I have to
stop scrolling to be able to read something.
The strange thing (seems strange to me) is that it doesn't do this on an
external monitor...

Has anyone seen this before?

Another question: has anyone managed to get OpenGL working at a decent


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