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Re: asus l3800c (l3c) state of the art

Gabor Melis <mega@hotpop.com>(by way of Gabor Melis <mega@hotpop.com>)

> What I've read so far:
>   http://tuxmobil.org/asus_l3800c_e.html
>   http://developer.kde.org/~howells/l3800c
> My laptop runs Sarge with KDE3.1 from Sid. Most of the above seems to
> be correct, but in the power mgmt department I experience some
> deviations:
i've got exactly the same laptop, pure sid running gnome

> - fn+Z freezes the machine if X (4.2.1 without DRI) is running
strange, that worked when I last tried. any key would wake it up...

> - closing the lid doesn not freeze it, but the CPU, interrupt handling
> all seem to be suspended, but it stays hot and the fan goes on (end
> when it is opened the clock is lagging)
acpi lets you choose what happens when the lid closes. enabling acpi
(and disabling apm!) will get rid of this terrible default behaviour

> - sometimes the CPU clock speed is reduced to 1200, but I don't know
> why
the clock is set to 1200 when ac power is unplugged at boot time. acpi
allows you to change the speed whenever you want.

> - the buttons next to the power button are not useable, not even with
> lineakd
there is a asus patch[1] upon the standard acpi patch to take care of
this, it will also allow you to program the mail/network leds in front

> Anyone with similar experience? Or preferably better setup?
I went through everything you descibed :-)
what solved most problems for me was to download a vanilla kernel from
any kernel.org mirror and applying the acpi patch[2] to it. because
debian patches the acpi part of the kernel a little different, I haven't
been able to get full acpi support with the debian kernel-source package
(the patch fails)

[1] http://julien.lerouge.free.fr/md9675.html#acpi
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/acpi



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