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asus l3800c (l3c) state of the art

What I've read so far:

My laptop runs Sarge with KDE3.1 from Sid. Most of the above seems to be
correct, but in the power mgmt department I experience some deviations:

- fn+Z freezes the machine if X (4.2.1 without DRI) is running
- closing the lid doesn not freeze it, but the CPU, interrupt handling all
seem to be suspended, but it stays hot and the fan goes on (end when it is
opened the clock is lagging)
- sometimes the CPU clock speed is reduced to 1200, but I don't know why

It is with 2.4.20 + apm. Also:

- the buttons next to the power button are not useable, not even with lineakd

Anyone with similar experience? Or preferably better setup?

Cheers, Gabor

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