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cdrom problems

Hi guys!
I've got a small problem whih I  cand't find solution for on the web.
I compiled a kernel 2.4.20, patched for ptrace and lots of acpi and
swasusp patches. Everything works, but the other day I realised that the
cd-dvd player doesn't work any more (I've got Compaq Presario 700). When
it boots, the kernel says something like
hdc: LG DVD-CDROM ....drive
but then, when I try to mount or do anything, it does
hdc: driver not present
I've noticed that if I use the old 2.4.18 kernel everything works fine
and, besides the usual
hdc: LG DVD-CDROM ....drive
I get also
hdc: 28X DVD ....
(sorry I can't be precise, I haven't got the laptop here with me).
Anyway, it looks like there's something different in the kernel between
the two versions. I've tried changing a bit the options in the "IDE, ATA
and ATAPI Block devices" paragraph, but nothing seems to happen. Has
anyone got any ideas?
Thanks a lot for your help

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