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Re: Debian <---> Gentoo

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 07:37, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> Well, I'm aware that some of the BIG stuff will take a while to compile ...
> am not planning to run KDE or Gnome though (Ion is what I use) - non the
> less, I assume that a XFree86 compile will take a while ... but would it be
> worth performance wise? Any other opinions?

The tone of your message implies that you intended to post to the list, so I 
will reply to the list.

I am very doubtful about whether you will get a performance increase in X that 
justifies recompiling it.  For my own use I use the frame-buffer driver in 
the kernel and the fbdev X driver which costs quite a bit of performance.  
The performance difference between the fbdev driver and the native driver is 
probably much greater than the benefit of any optimisation you might ever 
hope to make.

However when I'm setting up machines I believe that fbdev is best even for 
small machines such as P-200 class laptops.  fbdev is easier to manage, keeps 
all the device dependant code in one place, and greatly decreases the chance 
of an X server bug forcing a hardware reset.

Also there have been some issues recently of compiler bugs affecting builds of 
complex packages such as the kernel, X, etc.  I can't use a standard kernel 
so I am forced to deal with such issues for the kernel.  I am unwilling to 
take the risk of compiling my own X server, I would rather have it done by an 
expert who then tests it thoroughly before uploading it (and is fully capable 
of debugging and fixing it on the occasions when things go wrong).  The 
amount of effort that I would have to spend to be able to debug X compilation 
issues as well as Branden would be immense and not worth my effort.

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