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Re: Debian <---> Gentoo

On Thu, 26 Jun 2003 01:33, Johannes Graumann wrote:
> This might be a provoking question but I was wondering whether anybody on
> the list had tried Gentoo Linux ... I get the impression that the custom
> compiling done through this distribution might be the right thing for the
> limited resources of a laptop?

The Gentoo people seem to be doing some smart things.  However I doubt that 
Gentoo is suitable for a small machine, the resources to compile a package 
are vastly greater than those required to just install a .deb.

KDE would be unusable on most laptops for Gentoo users as it takes many hours 
to compile even on new machines.

Maybe if you did the build on a bigger machine and then copied the binaries 
across somehow it would work well.  I'm not sure if this is possible though.

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