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Re: Replacing Stolen laptop - Sony quality

It's funny. I've gotten several emails either extolling the virtues of
Sony laptops, or warning me away from them as they are horrible,
unreliable, evil machines.

Is it a case that Sony outsources their machines, some model lines are
well built and others are crap? I've got a PCG fx-190k that seems to
be pretty solid, except that both the original and the replacement
hard drives make way too much noise. Speaking of which, I'm planning
on solving the noise problem and the space problem by putting in a
larger (60g?) hard drive, with the plan of triple booting: Doze,
Debian and RedHat (I'll be able to boot it in a configuration to annoy
anyone).  I'm interested in suggestions for good harddrives, and good
places to get them.


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