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Re: Debian <---> Gentoo

On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:33:01 -0700
Johannes Graumann <johannes_graumann@web.de> wrote:
> Hello,
> This might be a provoking question but I was wondering whether anybody on the list had tried Gentoo Linux ... I get the impression that the custom compiling done through this distribution might be the right thing for the limited resources of a laptop?
> Please let me hear your opinion!

My laptop is a six-year-old (or so) P120 with 32M of memory.

Compiling everything on that machine would be *INSANE*. It would take
weeks. It's only got a 1.6GB drive, too, so there are a number of things
which just couldn't be compiled, period.

In those low-resource environments where scratching scratching out a 2%
gain in performance makes a difference, you won't be doing it on that
box to begin with.

So a framework that allows one to easy compile packages and transport
them to another machine (like apt-src) is occasionally useful. As I
understand it, Gentoo does not offer such functionality.

However, even so, it's not worth my time. Things are perfectly fast on
it, if I chose my apps carefully. (Netscape 4.7x or Opera or elinks for
web browser, Sylpheed for mail, and everything else in an rxvt+Screen

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