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Re: Probleme mit Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit (PCMCIA/Kernel 2.4.20)

* Am Mit, 25 Jun 2003 schrieb Werner Gast:
> Am Mit, 2003-06-25 um 10.11 schrieb Christoph Maurer:
> > Nevertheless the problem does not occur when running a 2.4.18 on the
> > laptop...
> maybe the kernel/driver modules of different kernels use different
> default values to initialize the NIC. You should never mix HD and FD
> mode when using a HUB. By default a HUB works with HD only.
> End of May and first days of june there were threads on the German
> Users's Debian Mailing list debian-user-german@lists.debian.org about
> how to set up a Network Interface Card (NIC) with different speed
> parameters. 

I will have a look at these threads. 

> > My idea is now to replace the hub with a switch. 
> This should always be a good a reasonable idea. But it is also a good
> idea to learn more about your Debian Unix System and it's interaction
> with your hardware. 
> man mii-diag will be your friend.

I also tried mii-diag but my NIC is too old and does not support
mii. I can use ne2k-pci-diag and get the info "Full Duplex Mode"

The ne2k-pci module has an option full_duplex=1 to enable FD but no
one to disable it. And the documentation says that HD cannot be
forced if the EEPROM is configured for FD Mode. 

Perhaps I should think about reconfiguring the EEPROM, but how?
Probably you need MS-DOS and DOS drivers for that which I don't



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