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Re: Probleme mit Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit (PCMCIA/Kernel 2.4.20)

Am Die, 2003-06-24 um 18.36 schrieb Christoph Maurer:
> When copying data between my laptop (Acer TM 520) and my desktop
> computer lots of collisions occur and the speed is very low (about
> 100 kB/sec.) Both computers are running woody with vanilla-kernel 2.4.21. 
> My desktop computer has a 10Mbit ethernet adapter using the ne2kpci
> driver, my laptop uses a D-Link DFE 650 pcmcia card (pcnet_cs
> driver). Both are connected via a ethernet hub (no other computers
> in the network)
Hello Christoph,
if cable and hub are ok. it looks like your pcmcia card tries FD (full
duplex mode). Your 10 MBit connected Desktop interprets FD as
collisions. My Tip: Try to set your Pcmcia Ethernet card to 10 MBit HD
(Half Duplex). 
Hugo Wau <hugowau@freenet.de>

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