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Re: Probleme mit Netzwerkgeschwindigkeit (PCMCIA/Kernel 2.4.20)

* Am Die, 24 Jun 2003 schrieb Hugo Wau:
> Am Die, 2003-06-24 um 18.36 schrieb Christoph Maurer:
> > When copying data between my laptop (Acer TM 520) and my desktop
> > computer lots of collisions occur and the speed is very low (about
> > 100 kB/sec.) Both computers are running woody with vanilla-kernel 2.4.21. 
> > My desktop computer has a 10Mbit ethernet adapter using the ne2kpci
> > driver, my laptop uses a D-Link DFE 650 pcmcia card (pcnet_cs
> > driver). Both are connected via a ethernet hub (no other computers
> > in the network)
> if cable and hub are ok. it looks like your pcmcia card tries FD (full
> duplex mode). Your 10 MBit connected Desktop interprets FD as
> collisions. My Tip: Try to set your Pcmcia Ethernet card to 10 MBit HD
> (Half Duplex). 

The PCMCIA Card is set on HD automatically, as a console message
after connecting says. 

The ne2k-pci card, although, seems to be in FD mode as
ne2k-pci-diag says, but cannot be forced to HD mode. 

Nevertheless the problem does not occur when running a 2.4.18 on the

My idea is now to replace the hub with a switch. 



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